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Happy Senior Citizen“Just a quick note of appreciation to The Cameron Group Care Management Services for all of the support and guidance you gave Jean and myself…I learned a lot from you and I am very grateful for everything you did.” – Paula


“Thanks Katy and Amy. You saved my sanity!” – Carol


“Last year we met with you due to the decline of our mother, after my father died. Mother was having terrible hallucinations. The information you gave us has restored her life – Praise the Lord! She has moved into the Towers, is active, thriving and happy! She has many friends, loves Bridge, plays putt putt golf, attends lectures at UCF. She serves on many committees. We cannot thank you enough and often thank God for this miracle!” – Cathy


Dearest Amy,

What can I say about a company that has been such a huge part of my life for so many years? You were a life line when I desperately needed one, it started with a simple request for an evaluation of mom and a recommendation of assisted living facilities, but turned into so much more. I found not a company, but a group of friends who supported and guided me through a difficult time.

I tend to have high expectations of people and organizations, but I have to say that you and your staff just blow me away with your caring attitudes, efficiency, and attention to details. And it’s your entire staff. Over the years, I’ve worked with you, Patty, and Mary as care managers. All three of you are special, caring individuals, but I found that same caring attitude and responsiveness whether I was calling about a bill, talking to the receptionist, discussing mom with companions assigned to her, or talking to other care managers filling in when one of you were out. I was especially impressed during the latter occasions on how up to date the back-up care manager was on mom’s condition. This was especially apparent during mom’s last days while Mary was out of town. Gloria stepped in and I knew immediately that I could trust her as much as I did Mary.

I appreciate that you and your team care about the family as much as the person for whom you are caring. You and Mary provided so much support for me during the last few months. It made it easier to deal with my health issues knowing that you were there taking care of mom.

Your thoughtfulness when mom passed away will never be forgotten. We so appreciated the food you sent to the house and you’re arranging for it to be delivered while still hot.

Your friendship will always be remembered. If ever you have a hesitant customer, feel free to use me as reference. I’ll be glad to describe what it means to know that your team and the help are only a phone call away.

Please share with your team my sincere thanks for all you have done and meant to my family. – Sherry



Home CareDear Amy,

Words are not adequate to tell you how much good you did for me with that phone call last week. There were so many things that I was doing wrong with the best intentions!

This past week and a half has been the most peaceful and enjoyable I have had since Cliff was diagnosed with early stage dementia and it is all because of your good advice.

I no longer scold him for sleeping so much because you told me it was part of his illness. We have not had a disagreement since then because I am choosing my battles-if they are not significant, I ignore them. He is a lot happier and so am I. I’m seeing a softer, more affectionate side of him that I had seldom seen before so I know he is happier.

I am going out three times a week as you suggested. I go to Church on Saturday afternoon and we go out and eat afterwards together. I teach 2nd Grade CCD Class and am also the Director of the program for our church and it takes me out from 3:00 to 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday. I love the women I supervise! They are all- aware of Cliff’s problem and are so supportive and caring. On Friday morning I am part of a Come Lord Jesus program directed by one of our deacons and I really look forward to that one hour. They always ask me about our week and offer Cliff and I up to God for His blessings. My good friend, Gerry, and I are going to a support group that Patricia found for me at our local hospital. She almost had to drag me there because I fought so hard against it.

I’ve been able to explain to our friends not to ask Cliff to do something that he might not remember how to do and that has made a big difference for him and also not to talk about his memory problem unless he brings it up himself.

May God Bless You and yours and reward you immensely for the good you’ve done for us and all the folks you work with. – Love You Joland


The Cameron Group,

Thank you so much for coming into our lives, you have educated and given us so much empowerment to go forward with the rest of my Mother’s life. Everything is different, there is a peace about all of this, can’t explain it and you have lifted my hope in such a beautiful way.
Thank you for your gift of love and concern.

Mom’s sister’s are elated and planning to visit her. Mom is helping us to pack up the house and her clothes she’s wanting to leave now… God Bless you for this gift. – Judy, Bob and the entire Family


To the good people of The Cameron Group,

It is a very difficult time when faced with the reality that all of the responsibility of parents rests on your shoulders.

I cannot thank you enough for all the support and encouragement you gave me when I was faced with placing my mom in a nursing home, my dad in the right assisted living facility and finding the resources’ to finance all of it.

The staff at the Cameron group guided me through the process of placing my parents, with positive recommendations on facilities, understanding and advising on the financial hurdles that were required to make application to Medicaid and the Veterans Affairs, as well as the emotional support knowing that you were not alone anymore in caring for your parents needs.

I will always be grateful that I found the Cameron Group! – Cyndi T


Dear Amy,

Mom and I want to thank you for all you have done recently on her behalf . There is no way to express how much getting back her income is appreciated. She was having such a hard time. She is still very careful but not in the desperate situation of before.

Thank you also for re-qualifying Dad again for Medicaid. That part was truly above and beyond…

– Leslie W and Charlotte W


Our family will always feel indebted to the Cameron Group.

If it had not been for the work of the Cameron Group, our Aunt Rose would likely never have received her veteran’s benefits. And if it had not been for the work of the Cameron Group, she would not have received all her Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

What impressed us most of the Cameron Group is the personal concern and help that we received every time we called. The Cameron Group always came through for us.

When our Aunt Rose recently passed away, we were amazed at all the signatures that were on the card we received from all your friends at the Cameron Group.

If there was one person among many who really stands out in our minds, it has to be Alisa Grant. Alisa stayed with us, coached us, guided us, befriended us, cared for us. She is a special person to us.

– John and Jane