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Amy Cameron O’Rourke has been selected to be a part of ATHENAPowerLink.

Congratulations to Amy O’Rourke, Owner and President of the Cameron Group.  Amy has been selected to be a part of ATHENAPowerLink.  ATHENAPowerLink is a program of ATHENA International, an organization dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for women. ATHENAPowerLink guides women business owners in defining and achieving tangible goals by providing them with access to a panel of business advisors.

Each advisory panel is hand-selected based upon each woman business owner’s individual needs. These volunteer panelists serve as mentors and advisors for a 12-month period at no charge to the woman business owner and, ultimately, strive to help the woman business owner achieve growth and profitability.  According to Ms.O’Rourke, “ATHENAPowerLink is the best kept secret inCentral Florida. It is like my own private think tank.”

The Cameron Group is a full-service elder care management company that specializes in arranging and overseeing the care of a loved one. “I wanted ATHENAPowerLink to help me clarify and support my vision for my business.” After only a few sessions with ATHENAPowerLink, Mrs. O’Rourke’s business mindset was kicked into full gear, “I am energized! I discovered my gut feeling for helping the elderly could be possible after determining what could and could not be done.”

Mrs. O’Rourke has big plans for the future of her company and after being a part of ATHENAPowerLink she can now focus on making her dreams a reality. “I see The Cameron Group profoundly impacting how elders are cared for inCentral Florida  — No more wondering if their end-of-life needs will be met. No more long unnecessary stays in the hospital. No more early placement.

I want to provide families with a peace of mind when it comes to the care for their loved one.” Mrs. O’Rourke absolutely recommends this program to other business women looking to take their companies to the next level. With programs like ATHENAPowerLink and companies like The Cameron Group, elderly care inCentral Florida will be greatly impacted for a better tomorrow.

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