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My mother lives in Orlando and I live in Michigan. How can an Aging Life Care Manager help me?

Care Managers provide many of the services that you would provide for your mother if you lived closer. She can visit your mother on a regular basis, coordinate health care, and provide one point of communication for you.

So many older adults want to stay in their homes and, with various levels of support, this is achievable. In fact, many older adults do well with “Assisted Living at Home”. Working closely with the elder and the family, a care manager can set up this arrangement in the elder’s home.

If the elder’s financial situation does not allow the elder to remain at home with supportive services, the Care Manager can help select a community for the elder and teach the family how to secure the best and most appropriate services within the community. We can also file for appropriate benefits that will assist in paying for that care.

Care Managers can intervene during crisis situations that may lead to unnecessary hospitalizations for the elder. Our Care Managers are on call 24/7 for our clients, so if there is an emergency situation and your mother goes to the hospital, you could be assured that a Care Manager would go to the hospital to visit your mom, act as her advocate and communicate with you as the situation unfolds.

What happens if my mom and dad don’t let the Care Manager into their home?

Although that is a common concern with adult children, it never happens with The Cameron Group. In our 16 years of business, there has not been one situation where the Care Manager was unable to get into the home of a client. The Care Managers are all licensed professionals and know how to work with older adults. Remember, how your parents treat you, as their child, is different than how your parents will treat a care professional.

How is a Care Manager different from a Patient Advocate?

An advocate is a “supporter, believer, sponsor, promoter, campaigner, backer or spokesperson.”  According to the National Patient Safety Foundation, “It is important to consider all of these aspects when choosing an advocate for yourself or someone in your family.  An effective advocate is someone you trust who is willing to act on your behalf as well as someone who can work well with other members of your healthcare team, such as doctors and nurses. An advocate may be a member of your family, such as a spouse, a child, another family member, or a close friend.  Another type of advocate is a professional advocate.”

Although Care Managers serve as Patient Advocates, they do so much more than advocate – they educate, evaluate, navigate, as well as advocate for their clients. The relationship that a Care Manager has with a client starts before the elder goes into the hospital and continues after an elder is discharged from the hospital.

Care Managers are licensed professionals and should be certified within the profession of Care Management. There is a National Association of Aging Life Care Professionals and you would want to work with a Care Manager that is aligned with this professional organization.

What is a VA Accredited Claims Agent?

An Accredited Claims Agent is someone who is accredited by the VA to represent the claimant on his or her behalf with the VA. The Cameron Group Aging Life Care Services’ VA department has Accredited Claims Agents on staff to work with the clients and the VA to acquire all benefits the client is eligible to receive. Our benefits department has a great success rate of obtaining benefits for our clients!

What benefits do we receive when we hire The Cameron Group to complete a benefits application?

At The Cameron Group, we work with the families to take the burden of this complicated process off of the family. We won’t submit an application unless we are sure it will be approved. Our Medicaid staff will provide the family with bi-weekly status updates throughout the process. Because we have a staff that works solely on Medicaid applications, they are experts in this field and their knowledge usually cuts down the Medicaid application to approval process from 90 days, if a family were to apply on their own, to 60 days if we submit the application. Most importantly, if we submit the application, we can provide you with a guarantee of approval.