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“Hope and the Deeply Forgetful”

From the desk of Amy O’Rourke:

The The Aging Life Care™ Conference was held in New York a few weeks ago. The keynote speaker, Dr. Stephen Post, opened the conference with his deeply moving talk, “Hope and the Deeply Forgetful.”

I would like to share his conclusion with you in today’s blog—

And one final question to leave open: Are we human beings who have spiritual experiences, or spiritual beings having a human experience? If there is a small piece of eternal soul in each of us, then maybe that deeply forgetful individual who seems so distant much of the time is already, if you will permit, on a spiritual plane of consciousness, and living in that world of betwixt and between as he or she leans into eternity and the energy of divine love. Something like this is characteristic of Buddhist cultures such as China and Japan, and of Hindu cultures as well, where the deeply forgetful are thought of as on the path of detachment and Enlightenment. Maybe that deeply forgetful person very near the end has already hopped on that last train for glory, but it just hasn’t quite left the station yet.

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