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Tax Scams Targeting the Elderly

Being caught in tax scams can happen to anyone even though most of us think we’re too smart to get fleeced.  Unfortunately, even the most cautious person can get ripped-off.  When older adults are defrauded, the effects can be devastating.

Your Aging Parents are at Risk of Fraud during Tax Season: What you can do about it!

by Jullie Gray, MSW, LICSW, CMC – Aging Life Care Association™ Member and Fellow of the Leadership Academy

As tax season continues there are a lot of IRS impersonators out there trying to scam people in order to steal money or even identities. Many of these thieves tend to target the elderly as older adults often don’t recognize the signs of fraud. This article goes over some of the reasons why imitators tend to focus on older victims and how you can pick up on cues that could save you from a potential scam. The tax filing process can be often times very confusing and people sometimes have to rely on an outside source to file their taxes for them. This places a lot of responsibility on the person that is handling such important information. The article goes on to give tools to help any older person that is filing taxes either on their own or with help from a third party.

The full article is linked below:

Tax Scams Targeting the Elderly


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