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Our goal is to maintain the dignity, independence and quality of life of the individual

Professional Aging Life Care™ Managers—Caring is our specialty

Ederly CareThe Professional Aging Life Care™ Managers of The Cameron Group specialize in providing comprehensive elder care services, assisting seniors and their families, and planning for and meeting their long-term care needs. Our Professional Aging Life Care™ Managers have extensive experience and training in gerontology, social work, nursing, and counseling.

Professional Aging Life Care™ Managers provide senior care services such as:

  • Care planning assessments
  • Screening, arranging, and monitoring in-home help
  • Reviewing financial, legal, or medical issues and offering safe and trusted referrals to qualified professionals
  • Providing crisis intervention (i.e. hospital, nursing home)
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Acting as liaison to families who don’t live nearby
  • Assisting with moving an older person to/from a home, nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital
  • Providing consumer education and advocacy
  • Offering counseling and emotional support
  • Securing Medicaid, Medicare, and additional government benefits


When choosing a Aging Life Care™ Manager, we recommend that you check previous experience, references and credentials. To learn more about our Aging Life Care™ Managers, click on the below staff members:

Amy Cameron O’Rourke

President, MPH, CMC

Dawn Cerra-Kitt


Kathy Lord


Working with Aging Life Care™ Managers Nationwide

The Cameron Group Life Care Management Services has a broad national network of Aging Life Care™ managers who may be looking for additional support or services for their clients. Our wide range of services include assessments, support, and guidance regarding available benefits, as well as assistance with every day living, coordination of medical needs, and more!

Administrative Staff: (left to right)

Timothy Murphy – Financial Director
Kaley Goetting – Administrative Assistant
Jessica Bryson – Administrative Assistant
Emily Shay – Business Development Director
Hope Kittrell – Home Care Coordinator

Aging Life Care Managers: (left to right)

Misty Rogers
Maura Brandes
Lisa Guiley – RN
Marvelis Reyes
Valerie Chessman – RN, CMC
Amy O’Rourke – President, MPH, CMC
Dawn Cerra-Kitt – BSW, MS, CMC