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Aging Life Care Management

Amy Cameron O'Rourke discusses how and why she chose a career in elder care - love, care & gratitude.

Cameron Group Aging Life Care Services

Making Sure Life Gets Better with Age®

Aging Well

Aging Well

Aging Life Care Professional™ Amy O’Rourke, MPH, NHA, CMC shares how she thinks creatively on the spot to help her clients feel comfortable and accepting of Aging Life Care™ services.

Advocating and Protecting Client Wishes

Protecting Client Wishes

Bringing safety and comfort to clients sometimes means juggling multiple issues. Byron Cordes, MSW, LCSW, CASWCM, shares one case that includes hoarding and a beloved cat.

Making a Difference3

Making a Difference

Steve Barlam, MSW, LCSW, CMC shares how his creative solutions helped a daughter honor her mother’s wishes and values by keeping her father living safely at home.

Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions

ALCA member Kate Granigan,MSW, LICSW, CASWCM, shares that finding solutions for her clients is what drives her work. “We don’t have to say ‘no.’ We say ‘how.’

About Us

Making Sure Life Gets Better with Age®

The Cameron Group Aging Life Care™ Services


Welcome from Amy:

You’ve seen a change in them. Your loved one is aging. Your elderly mom, dad, uncle, or aunt wishes to retain his or her independence. But you worry about them. They have always been there for you, and you want to see that they are taken care of – like they took care of you. Built upon a true love for older people and driven to make sure life gets better with age®, The Cameron Group helps people like you every day. It is our privilege to work with clients and families to solve problems and maximize opportunities as they arise throughout the process of aging, and to provide relief, reassurance, and the best healthcare experience possible later in life.


We solve problems.

  • You’re concerned that a loved one is having problems living safely in their current environment.
  • Caregiving is becoming overwhelming or beyond your abilities.
  • You need help trying to understand the complicated range of healthcare services and benefits available (Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, etc.)
  • You live far away and need someone in Central Florida to help you manage the care of an aging parent or relative.
  • You’re worried a loved one will run out of money too soon, or cannot pay for care.

Our experts in Aging Life Care solve all these problems –and more – on a daily basis. We’ve helped more than 16,000 clients and have a 100% approval rate for all benefits we’ve applied for. With strong working relationships throughout our community, years of experience, and absolute confidence in our services, we’re ready to help in any situation.

Our History

Trusted by assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, elders, and families since 1999.

1999 - Opening

Built around Amy’s dining room table in her home “office”, The Cameron Group helped its first official client in 1999.

2000 - Hired First Staff

Hired our first staff; City of Orlando proclaimed a “Cameron Group Day”

2001 - Award Won

Amy won the National Entrepreneurial Achievement Award from American Express

2009 - Celebrating 10 Years

Celebrated 10 years in business

2012 - Ted Talk/Election

Amy was elected to the National Board of Aging Life Care and gave her very first Ted Talk.

2013 - Home Care Program

The Cameron Group created Assisted Living at Home program and Amy was selected for the Power Link Program’s Athena Panel

2014 - Celebrating 15 Years

Celebrated 15 years in business

2015 - Ted Talk/President

Amy gave her second Ted Talk and was voted in as the Aging Life Care Association’s President-elect; we celebrated helping more than 16,000 people!

Areas of Expertise

We are experts in the following areas of Aging Life Care


Helping elders and their families during times of immediate need, including minimizing hospitalizations


Providing guidance to secure all possible benefits, minimize expense, and preserve assets and income


Helping elders and their families make, plan, and implement the decision to move or stay at home


Preventing premature institutionalization and ensuring quality care for the client


Working with a trusted network of attorneys and trust officers to provide the best possible care


Supporting those involved in the client’s care, easing stress, and honoring the client’s wishes


Acting as a liaison for families who don’t live nearby, providing care, and resolving communication issues


Directing families to trusted and appropriate local resources to meet a wide variety of needs


Upcoming opportunities in the community and beyond
“ You were a life line when I desperately needed one. I found not a company, but a group of friends who supported and guided me through a difficult time. Thank you for being a phone call away. ”

– Sherry –

The average age of our clients who successfully live at home.
The age of our oldest client successfully living at home.
Number of clients we have helped, as of Summer 2015.
Number of benefits approvals we’ve achieved. 100% success rate.

341 N. Maitland Ave. Suite 130
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